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Saturday 26 October 2013

My First Quilt

Finally I'm starting a blog! Craft Chronicle #1: My first quilt. This thing taught me how to use a sewing machine, saw me through my introduction to embroidery, and was inspired by a ripped sheet that I found at the Free Store. The curves that you see were printed on the fabric -- aside from a few triangle cuts, I used only squares. It is made with a few of my skirts, some pants, and some fabric, all in fine condition and salvaged for free. The backing I found for $3 at a thrift store - it was a long and narrow piece of quilted fabric that I cut into thirds and sewed together again. My plan for this quilt changed a few times and it looks kind of crazy and tacky but I love it anyway.

I call this quilt, "Rags of Insanity"

Yes, I gave this quilt a weid name but it was truly a journey to bring this project to completion. I had no idea what I was doing. My sewing machine broke and a lot of the piecing is hand sewn. And if you must know, when I am feeling the most creative is often when I am feeling angsty. I get the most done and I find sewing to be very therapeutic.

I hope to blog more about my crafting and homesteading projects and to take more and better photos.

Thank you for visiting!

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