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Sunday 9 March 2014

Quilt Blocks and Fresh Dirt

Today was warm and sunny and truly felt like Spring.

Thankfully my goats don't observe daylight savings so they didn't mind that I was technically an hour late at 7:00 this morning :) Because I was up so early I actually managed to get some sewing and pressing done before the little guy woke.

May: Aunt Eliza's Star

I finished my two May blocks for the Sister's Ten Quilt.

January: Grandmother's Frame
I re-did January's blocks, the original block was just hideous. I hadn't fully grasped my color choices and plus I was supposed to make two blocks, not just one! I'm much happier with these.

March: Schoolgirl's Puzzle

These are March's blocks

April: Lady of the Lake
April's blocks are all sewn together but I am already unhappy with the placement of the HST border. I want those darn triangles to line up. I didn't iron it, I was thinking of getting out the seam ripper and trying to tidy up the lines.

Later on this morning David helped me plant some seeds in the garden.
We pulled some weeds, turned the soil, and raked it level.

I just love that face he was wearing while using the tools!

Sowing radish seeds and getting some water.

The rhubarb crowns are looking a little more lively.

I'm already harvesting chives, I'm so impatient for anything fresh and green!

The goat mamas look so skinny now that they have had their babies.

Their evening milk has a layer of thick cream on top the next morning. Maybe I can make homemade butter, after all? I will be making cheese tomorrow.

Meanwhile the chickens just keep getting fatter. I think I'm starting to be able to tell the cockerels from the hens. They are now about six weeks old. In a few months or so I'll start to expect the first eggs! They start laying around 20-24 weeks.

After heralding Spring for the last two months, I believe it is finally peeking around the corner, right on schedule.


  1. Your quilt blocks are just beautiful -- look at all those hsts! I've made a Lady of the Lake quilt and getting those triangles all lined up is a challenge! Your little guy is adorable -- it looks like you life the perfect life with all the animals too!

  2. Thanks so much!! I am still a quilting "newb" and I seem to make every mistake in the book!! Good thing I have a seam ripper!! We do have a great life out here and I try to count my blessings every day. :)

  3. These are lovely and be brave, move forward. You've got a bunch of things on your plate! Spring, ah spring, well we might be getting some soon.



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