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Thursday 12 June 2014

Unicorn's Mourning

This morning when David and I went down to milk our goaties, I noticed that our queen goat, Ken, was MISSING HER HORN. There is nothing super gory here on this post but there is a bit of blood so if you are squeamish, don't look.

This is Ken last spring with newborn baby Gordy. She was formerly a unicorn with one big, curly scur. A scur is a horn that grows after the goat is disbudded as a baby. Disbudding is a process where the horn buds are seared to prevent the horns from growing. If done improperly, gnarly horns called scurs can grow. This is what happened to Ken, and she had one big beautiful horn that we found on the floor of the barn.

David is quite concerned for Ken and we are keeping a close eye on her to make sure her wound is healing. Luckily it is dry and I am hoping that the other goats will leave her alone for a while. 

There was a smear of blood of Firefly's horn this morning. Firefly is very shy and submissive so I don't imagine there was a real confrontation but I feel so sorry for big Ken.

I talked to Ken's former owner, my friend on island who sold me most of my goats and runs a small business making divine goat's milk soap. She told me that this has happened before and that the horn will heal and even regrow. No wonder Ken has such an attitude about her. It must be hard being a goat with one horn that is likely to fall off!!

For the first time ever, Ken was sad and traumatized. She is tough as nails and will even stand up to big dogs to protect the herd. She has given me four beautiful babies and gallons and gallons of milk. She is a great queen and it is hard to see her so vulnerable.

Just yesterday I shoveled up three buckets of rich goat poop for the garden. Here's hoping that Ken has a speedy recovery and is back to her bossy self in no time.

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  1. Yes, Ken does look a little traumatized but I'm sure will be up to her normal duties soon. This being said of Dr. Carli. Lol



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