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Thursday 25 September 2014

Happy Equinox!

 Happy Autumnal Equinox! I am loving the recent rain and the shorter days that leave more time for dreaming and being creative. I didn't do much sewing over the summer but I have sorted my stash into coordinated bundles for future projects and I am so excited to start making more quilts this winter and finishing up a couple of big ones from last year.

I wanted to show off this doll that we found at the Free Store, it was immaculately crocheted! The classic Mickey Mouse is so cute with his wobbly nose.

 This time of year brings the stinky billy goat to the farm to do his special duty. I am on a quest to breed the perfect dairy goat, with a gentle temper and a big soft udder. The two goats I am breeding this year are Firefly and Nemo and they are easy milkers with big udders, and Barney is the stud I used last year.

I can't wait to meet the babies he will make with my milking girls.

 I had some better photos but my ipod fell into the ocean on the boat while we were bringing Barney home! I miss it mostly because I love the camera on those things. It is by far superior to my old camera. I am okay with losing it because I have so many more important things to be grateful for!

I left my flute at the community hall after a gig a couple weeks ago and when I went back to get it, it was right where I left it. I am so glad it was not stolen. I think somebody played it a bit but thats all the better. I should play more often myself.

 We had an amazing year for grapes of all kinds. David and I made jam from the seedless ones and jelly from the big purple concords with big seeds. Those ones taste like grape candy.

Sometimes growing the food seems easier than dealing with it when it is ready. The garden is full of food right now and the picking, canning, and juicing cannot be put off for too long. And firewood, as I've been reminded this month as I lit up my woodstove for the first time this season. A lot of work but well worth it for quality of life! The work makes me strong, I feel close to the earth, and my food is of the finest quality on earth. Homemade salt, fresh squeaky cheese curds from my own goat's milk, stuffed peppers from the garden, fresh Asian pears and Italian Plums... you get the picture, food is my worship.

 Just in case I haven't posted enough baby chicken photos. They are bigger now but still get tucked under their mama's wing, which is so cute! I wonder when they will outgrow their mama?

 A friend gave me some homemade butter and I baked a Happy Un-Birthday Cake for my boy. He loves rituals, especially the ones involving treats. Still haven't decided what kind of costumes to make for Halloween.

 I haven't posted much this summer, hence being busy running a homestead! I do have some projects to show off, once I stop long enough to take some pictures. I am also coming up on the one year anniversary of my blog! I am glad I have kept it going and I have so much more I want to share.

Have a great day wherever you are.
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  1. Happy Blogversary - your blog is lovely!

  2. Happy Blogiversary when it comes up and unbirthday cakes sound and looks perfect, especially with home made butter.



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