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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Meet The Herd: Ken and Nemo

What wonderful creatures goats are! Friendly, smart, affectionate, and so rewarding. A goat is kind of like a dog that doesn't bite and also makes delicious milk and produces pounds of fertilizer every day.

Right now I have 4 lady goats and a young buck. All of these goats have distinct personalities and are each really special in their own way.

This is Ken (alias Lena Horne). She is our bossy, foot stamping, fearless leader of the pack. Ken is not the nicest of my goats but she is the most outgoing and always steps up to protect the herd. She is a great mom and has consistently produced multiples. Last year she had triplets! Ken is a Nubian and French Alpine cross. She has one curly horn growing on her head because she was not fully disbudded as a kid. This is considered a potentially dangerous mistake but it also qualifies her as a UNICORN which is just totally awesome.
Here is Lena nuzzling her three babies.

Yes, Lena Horne has two names. She came to us as "Ken" and we tried changing her name - but Ken just stuck. Ken lives up to the awesomeness and hilarity of being named Ken. Lena has become her nickname. She also has been known to go by 'Big Momma', 'Kennedy Kinghorn', and of course, "Goaty Gooooat".

Ken has a lot of personality and is reliably fertile, which makes up for the fact that her teats are not huge and her milk supply really dries up this time of year. I stopped milking her last week because I was getting less than a cup of milk. (In the summer she readily gives a litre every morning.)

This is Ken's daughter Nemo. Don't they look like twins? Except Nemo has two horns. Nemo was the smallest of the three, but the tamest and sweetest. She was bottle-fed a few times and I think that really earned me her trust. She doesn't shy away from me and is always curious about my clothing with her soft and goatylicious lips. She will hopefully have kids of her own next spring!

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