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Saturday 2 November 2013

Knitting With My Mom

I moved away from home at 18 and didn't go back for years. When I finally came home for the holidays in 2008, my mom taught me to knit. The first thing I made was a brown tweed winter hat. Here in Canada it is called a "toque" (pronounced "tew-k"), down there in Georgia we call them "toboggans". I started from the bottom, knit on circular needles and knit/purled the ribbing. I didn't know what I was doing but I persevered! When the hat was finally done, I was so proud! I couldn't wait to make something else. Thus began my journey with yarn creations. All thanks to my mother, and her patient instruction. I wonder who taught her to knit and crochet? I'll have to ask. Knitting is something that connects us even though we live very far apart.

I searched through my photo archives and found a few shots of me wearing my first hat.

Left: My sister, Caroline. She is special ;) Here she is wearing a scarf knit by our mom.

I am wearing this hat in almost every picture from that visit. I was really into wool that winter. Wool jackets, wool pants, wool blankets. It has been the secret to surviving the wet Pacific NW Winters!

Now when my mom and I visit, we go yarn shopping. When I am far away she sends hats for me and my son, and also beautiful yarn, fancy needles, and fun patterns. In this photo we are in Victoria after visiting The BeeHive Wool Shop and I am wearing a headband from some of my favorite yarn that we bought.

Knitting is easy, fun, and meditative, and plus you get cool stuff to wear and give your friends. If you know someone who can knit, see if they will share their skill with you. You'll never forget that first person who showed you how.

My baby wearing a hat made by his Nana.

Interweave is offering a contest for a "First Knitting Project" story. If I were to win I would choose:

1. Inktense Blocks 12/Pk
2. Wash-Away Applique Sheets
3. Back to Basics Quilt Pattern + Fabric Kit
4. Fosshape 300
5. Quilt Improv

                             My First Hat.

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