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Friday 17 January 2014

Warm and Woolly Knits

I finally finished my Fair Isle mittens. Tragically, I ran out of this lovely, hairy maroon yarn right in the middle of the project. I added the inverted Fair Isle strip at the top of the mittens and had literally one inch of yarn leftover when it was time to add the thumbs. So, the thumbs are in white with a little bit of some sparkly red yarn - the closest color I had to hairy maroon.

I was bummed that I had to alter my pattern, but while I knit the thumbs I decided to infuse them with good luck. These are now hitch-hiking mittens. A little magic sparkle for that perfect ride.  At the very least they will keep my hands cozy against a cold steering wheel because I am usually the driver.

I wrote out the pattern for these mittens and I am happy to share it. Please comment if you are interested!

I have also perfected my pattern for thick and woolly slippers. After making them too floppy, too small, and too large, I finally got it down. My next pair is going to be even better...

They are all knit with fat needles and several strands of yarn, so the slippers hold their shape.

I plan to make a bunch of these slippers. If you want some, let me know!

One more woolly wonder I must share with you is my Cowichan Sweater.
These sweaters are thickly knit and were traditionally made by First Nations people on Vancouver Island, who combined European Fair-Isle knitting techniques with Coast Salish spinning and materials. They are heavy, warm, and so perfect for this coastal weather.

The detail is hard to see in this photo, it was getting dark.
Trust me that the knitting on this garment is flawless. 
There are two pockets in the front and the seam work is invisible.

I wish I could meet the person who made this beautiful sweater. 

This yoga posture is called, "Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose". Kind of unimaginative, don't you think? In sanskrit it is, "Utthita Hasta Padangustasana." Kind of a mouthful.

I was always bad about posing for photos. Now, in lieu of a fake smile, my leg flies into the air.

I am working towards holding my foot with both hands, behind my head, while balancing on the other foot in a pose called Natarajasana. You can bet I will post a photo here when I've got it.
Stay tuned to the blog for that and some batik quilting progress.

I leave you with a picture of the fog rolling into our valley tonight.


  1. I love that the thumbs are different from the body of the mittens. It sparked ideas to do it on purpose with chosen colors - that could really jazz up a pair! And I love anything done in fair isle patterns!! And where did you get that sweater?

  2. Would you believe it if I told you... the free store? :)



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