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Wednesday 29 January 2014

WIP Wednesday

Here are some of my Works In Progress (WIPs) on the quilting frontier.

1. Queen Batik Quilt

 I had great fun making Half Square Triangles (HSTs) for the windmill squares in this quilt. Unfortunately I seem to always insist on learning through experience and, as a beginner, I made a boo-boo that I'm sure will greatly affect the quality of my finished quilt.

I cut my fabric into squares and then marked the center diagonal. I then sewed up either side of this line and then cut along the line. I opened the two sides and ironed them flat and I thought that was all I had to do to make an HST. 


I should have made one more cut, cutting the HST squares back down to the correct size and lining up the diagonals. I didn't do this, and I have already sewn groups of 4 HSTs together for the big windmill blocks I need for the finished quilt.

Here are 12 of my big blocks, sewn together in strips. I made a mistake, here, too. Can you see it? One block is turned the wrong way, I had to rip out the seams and sew it again.
This is going to be my next finished quilt, I know it.

2. Fuzzy Robot Quilt (for David)

I made up a pattern for this quilt. I wanted to use up my stash of fleece fabric and also incorporate some robot print flannel that my mom bought for David.
I cut a bunch of 5" by 10" pieces first, and then played around with some arrangements before finally deciding to go with the diagonal rows. I wonder if I should have gone with the blocks?

This quilt top needs some more rows and I ran out of some colors. One of these days I'll pick it up again, it should be pretty quick to finish.

3. Block of the Month (BOM) 2014

I have started a BOM project that was originally published in 2013. So, all the patterns are already available and I can do them at my leisure - though realistically I want to do one block per month because that is a realistic goal when I consider all of the other projects I have on the go. (Pets, gardens, kids, crafts, etc!)

The completed pattern is called the Sister's Ten Quilt and is published by Gen X Quilters. They are all modern blocks and are named for special women - this square is "Grandmother's Frame."

By the way - for this block I DID cut out my HSTs to square before sewing. I have not finished sewing it all together yet. All the blocks are going to use up my scraps and I am going to try and incorporating my cream and grey musical score fabric into every block for some continuity.

4. To Quilt or Not To Quilt?

I found this huge quilt top at the free store and I passed it up. Then I saw it again and brought it home and washed it, now I just can't decide if I want to turn it into a quilt or not. There are a few squares that need to be replaced and I'm not a big fan of the combination of fabrics. But, someone put a lot of work into making this and it would be easy to turn it into a real quilt. Should I do it or not?

I also am collecting the "Ten Little Ducks" Eric Carle series by Andover Fabrics, and I have a beautiful stash of Christmas fabric and a pattern picked out. All in good time.

I know spring is coming because David and I saw the first wild baby lamb of the year this week. They are just starting to be born in the woods in our area.


David loves to swing. I can't believe my little guy is almost three years old!

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