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Monday 5 January 2015

Knitting In The New Year

Greetings! I have been in Georgia spending Christmas with my parents and I finally got all my electronics worked out so I can upload some photos. Please forgive me for the poor quality of these pictures, they were all taken with my iPod.

I have been knitting like a fiend over the last couple of months, mostly making hats and playing with cable patterns, and I also made up a few... er... face warmers...

I saw a pattern online and I could not help myself.

The great thing about these knit beards is that they actually keep your face REALLY warm!
 I figure they would be great for boating or bike riding in the winter.

Of course I made some hats for the Craft Fair and forgot to take any pictures. I had someone snap a photo of this one on it's new owner.

I made a woolly hat for David before we left and he complained that it was "too itchy! Make it fuzzier!" So this one is made out of really soft and silky wool that comes down over his ears to keep them warm. I finished it while we were sitting on a plane on the way here.

Another hat I just finished is modeled after a viking helmet.

Also good for boating, and charging into battle.

The brim folds up and there is a neck guard in the back.

Grrr!! Go forth and conquer!!

This helmet pattern is available on and was written by Debra Belletete. It also includes instructions for making horns that attach to the hat. A pity my photos are not better so you can see the detail of the cabling around the crown.

I found several really beautiful patterns while I was looking for Viking, Aran, and Celtic knits. Everything from braided blankets to lacy cowls to this sweater with a dragon made from an i-cord.

Now all I have to do is combine the helmet and beard and then I will be ready to chop my firewood in style and possibly scare small children.

Blessings to everyone in blog world, I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and may the new year bring you rejuvenation and joy!


  1. You totally put the fun in your hats!

  2. Love the beard and helmet hats! Happy New Year to you.



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