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Monday 26 January 2015

Trip Reflections

Young David and I have returned to Canada. I have been doing some sewing but it is mostly just some clothing repairs and slogging away on quilts that I have already posted about and I am trying to finish up before I start something new. I have been meaning to post some of my favorite photos from our holiday trip, which was an amazing five weeks of rest. I feel like a whole new person after taking a vacation and spending quality time with my family!

We went on a day trip to the town where my parents met in North Carolina.

It was so great to be with my sister who I love so much and don't get to see enough of!!

She is even into doing yoga and has become a vegetarian! I am glad because it makes me seem like less of a radical!

I got her to take some pictures of me and I twisted her arm into taking selfies with us. I still wish I had taken more photos now that we are so far apart once again.

Sweet David was such a good sport, we drove around with him for hours.

We walked down to the falls, they were really flowing!

The trail allows you to go into the mist behind the falls and look through them. It was incredible.

I can't believe it but I just keep loving this kid more every day!! 

The town and falls are in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. These hills are over a billion years old, and they really do glow with a blue haze that is mesmerizing. We stopped to admire the view as we left North Carolina.

David went to the Atlanta Zoo, and the Georgia Aquarium, to family reunions and special trips to meet relatives, spent time at the playground, went to the movies, ate lots of french fries, got lots of great toys, new clothes, and got to spend some real quality time with his grandparents, who spoiled us both the whole time we were there.

Then the grand finale of our visit was a trip to Disney World! This kid had such a great time and was an amazing sport as we ran all over the parks for three full days straight! He even rode the TOWER OF TERROR in Hollywood studios, a ride that drops you into a free fall and churns my stomach. Why I subjected him to that, I'm not quite sure...

A highlight for David was meeting his favorite characters.

I didn't even put him up to this but he saluted when posing with the army man. Little ham!

My brother taught me how to be an adult at Disney World: you have an alcoholic beverage at every city in Epcot. While I didn't participate I did get a vicarious thrill from watching him drink his way around the world with a Guinness in Britain, a margarita in Mexico, warm sake in Japan, wine in Italy, beer in Germany, and my favorite - "a tipsy duck in love" which is a combination of iced coffee, tea, chocolate, Jim Beam Whiskey, topped with whipped cream (I definitely drank some of that one!) Huge thanks to my brother who is a great uncle and also treated us to lots of goodies!!

I am so, so, deeply thankful to my parents for allowing me to completely veg out at their house and recharge over the holidays. It was such a good experience for all of us!

My last photo is of David on the BC ferry, enjoying his last hurrah of french fries (there is no restaurant where we live) as we headed home.

Thanks again Mom and Dad, we miss you already.


  1. Lovely photos, looks like it was an amazing time. And what a gorgeous place your family live, I have a big thing for waterfalls so I really loved those pictures behind the waterfall.

  2. Heh Emily,
    I just figured you were on respite of some sort. Sounds like you and David had an awesome trip. I'm wintering in Victoria! Good to have you back.

  3. What a wonderful trip!!! So great to have time to recharge and just enjoy family! XX!



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