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Sunday 15 December 2013

Homemade Ornaments

David and I made some fun ornaments for our little tree.

We mixed up a few cups of flour, a couple TBsp of salt, and enough water for a consistency akin to play dough. Then we rolled it out and cut out cookies and baked them at a very low temperature (about 170 F) until they hardened.

I used a straw to poke a hole into the ornaments before baking.

Even though these ornaments must have tasted like salty hard tack, David ate the heads off of almost all the gingerbread boys and chomped off the points of some stars. Yuck!

After they cooled, we decorated them with acrylic paint.

I strung them with some yarn and we hung them on our spindly Christmas tree.

My favorites were the candy canes.


...With the gingerbread boys a close second. I strung some sparkly yarn around our tree and made a popcorn garland for the birds to eat after Christmas when we put the tree outside.

I also made a few snowflakes out of white pipe cleaners.
Now our tree has some shred of dignity.

David loves to use paint and I try to let him explore with color. I helped with the yellow dots and the star.

Today at the cookie swap he showed off the painting wall in his room to his kiddie friends and said,
 "I painted this."

It made me pretty happy.

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