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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Recent Projects

This past few weeks I have gone through some of my beautiful yarn stash and made a couple of things for... MYSELF! What a great idea, huh?

I really needed a new hat and some gloves. I made a ribbed hat (almost entirely knit 2, purl 2, except for some decreasing at the top) and some cabled gauntlets. They are beautiful and lovely but I'm afraid my fingers are still cold this time of year so I'm putting a pair of colorful Fair-Isle mittens on my to-do list.

"Selfies" may be lame but if I didn't take photos of myself, I wouldn't have any. As it is, I have a twinge of sadness that there are not more photos of me with my son when he was a little baby, and of me in my garden or with my goats.

 I'm so lucky that my sister visited last summer and took lots of pictures of us.

Ever tried to photograph yourself with a goat? They just don't pose, I tell ya.
This is me with my sweet Bessie Mae, my first goat.

Other projects I have on my to-do list are two quilt tops that are almost finished and are waiting to be assembled. I need to put a mouth on my little knit froggy and finish up some more quilted oven mitts before Christmas.

My mom's Christmas package arrived today full of beautiful presents and goodies and David and I ooed and ahhed over all of the beautiful boxes and trimmings. I saw that she sent me some quilt batting and then... a bag... full of fabric. Christmas fabric. Gingerbread boys and presents and snowmen and stripes and polka dots and reds and greens and Santa Clauses.

(A little reminder that I pretty much use exclusively salvaged materials. I cut up clothes, unravel sweaters, and collect scraps. I want to make a stocking for my son and this is what I've got:

... a couple of used gift bags and a little Christmas tree table-runner.)

My mom's present to me was stuffed full of new and beautiful cloth! I can't wait to dive in there. I will post better photos. The little tag on it says "Make a Christmas Quilt for David"

:: melt ::

I have lots of pattern ideas in my head, I've been wanting to experiment with triangles but I also love stripes. David is going to adore a quilt made of Christmas things. He especially likes scenes and pictures where there is a lot going on and he can point at this and that and talk about it.

Somewhere in the back of my head I am thinking "I had better finish up my current projects so I can get started on something new...." But getting started is the hard part, right? I am more thrilled with this stash than I am with my other two quilts on the go and I must follow my passion!

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