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Monday 9 December 2013

Photos: First Flakes

David and the hairy dog loved our recent snowfall.
We made snowballs and a tiny, sawdusty snowman. I forked the carrot up out of the frozen garden. David kept eating the snow off his mittens.

Like any two year old, mine is really into presents and packaging. He helped me wrap all the gifts for my family, and then kissed them all and stacked and re-stacked them delicately into piles. 

Then he opened his aunt and uncle's presents and I had no time to re-wrap them or I wouldn't have gotten them in the mail today. Oops.

To add a little flair to my half-wrapped package I fashioned a box out of scrap cardboard and wrapped it up in carpentry tape. Mighty unsightly. Highly kid proof.

David took the delivery of this package very seriously and suggested involving the fire chief.

He helped me put the stamps on when it was time to ship.

Speedy travels, little box. I hope you get there in time for Christmas!

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