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Saturday 1 February 2014


Somehow I found the inspiration this week to work on my fleece robot quilt.

I finished the top and pinned it to the backing, which is a solid piece of grey fleece.

I managed to quilt it all together with a zig-zag stitch on either side of all the horizontal seams. This was the first time I have machine quilted a large project. I had to roll up the ends and pin them down so that I could deal with the whole blanket at once.

Now it is all quilted and I just need to make a border and sew it on!

The chicks are growing so fast, visibly bigger every day. This is McNugget, so named because the other chicks ganged up on him and were pecking him, forming a little bald spot in his feathers that was even more vulnerable to attack by the other birds.

Because he was being "bullied", McNugget was taken out of the brooder and held more than any of the other birds. He seems to be the most comfortable being held and played with. His beautiful white wings have grown the most, they are so soft!

This chicken shows off a beautiful wingspan as well. Because these chicks are bantam crosses, I expect some of them will be good at flying.

This little ragamuffin is the smallest bird. If it turns out to be a "she" I imagine that her eggs will be really tiny!

I am participating in a yoga challenge for the month of February that is all about inversions. An inversion in yoga indicates a posture where the head is below the heart. These can be gentle, but because this is a "challenge" I am anticipating spending a lot of time being fully upside down.

Inversions are some of my favorite poses. I love the feeling of all the blood rushing downwards towards my brain. Afterwards I feel the fresh oxygen being distributed throughout my body.

Challenging myself to do yoga is very humbling.

There is always a way to deepen a pose and take it one step further.

As always, thank you for reading. I feel like my blog falls through the cracks, as it is not quite a "farm blog" and not 100% "craft blog" either. Nor is it a food blog, a photography, or yoga blog.

When I started this blog I decided to represent myself and all of the things I like to do and wish to improve upon. I am not trying to emulate any one else's story or strictly fit into an online community, for better and for worse. I still have many things I would like to investigate and document and I am glad for the opportunity not only to share my experiences, but to scrapbook them here so I can re-live them later on.

Feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email.

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  1. Your blog is perfect! Your endeavors are to be admired and appreciated in all aspects. Keep it up!!



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