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Thursday 1 May 2014

Fabric Score!

I was just thinking yesterday, I need more bright fabric. I have loads of beautiful dark pieces and I love dark colors but I also LOVE bright, colorful quilts. Yes, I thought. I need to buy some fabric.

Well, today I brought home a wheelbarrow load of fabric from my dear friend Judy!! Judy moved up here from California in the 1970's and she brought with her a cedar chest full of fabric and clothing patterns that remained almost untouched for the last 40 years.

Judy and her family just relocated into their new house so they are in the process of cleaning out their old place and sorting through stuff. She generously offered me anything from the chest that struck my fancy. 

There were some clothing patterns and bits of projects from when Judy was a single mom of four and made clothes for herself and for all of her children. All of the fabric is in amazing condition considering it has been in that chest for so long. I got some hounds-tooth knits and some beautiful shot cotton, lots of bright polyester, fun quilting scraps, and an embroidery project that was only just begun. I would love to finish the embroidery and make a pillow or something for Judy as a thank-you.

Wouldn't these make some fun tights?
It is amazing how sometimes the things we want or need just manifest themselves like that. A wonderful and welcome reminder to send gratitude to the universe.

Also very grateful that the beet seeds I hurriedly threw into the ground have sprouted. Now I will wait for them to get a bit bigger before thinning them out so that the roots have room to develop.

Lots of cheery flowers blooming, Johnny Jump Ups, and Purple Iris buds ready to open.

This beautiful Viburnum specimen has a heady scent like a lilac or a rose. This is a big perennial that we basically ignore all year round until the scent stops us in our tracks and forces us to notice it. I put a clump of blossoms on the coffee table and it scented the whole room. In the yard the air smells like fruit tree blossoms and dew (or alternatively chicken poop or goats, depending on where you stand). 
Hooray for Spring, flowers, and sunshine!

And a Very Happy Birthday to my older brother who is thirty today!

Horsetail on the drying rack.
This is a great time to harvest herbs. I've been picking dandelion roots and horsetail. Dandelion roots are a blood cleanser and liver tonic, and Horsetail shoots have a high silica content and they are good for skin and hair. I dry the shoots for making tea. I figure that since both of these plants grow in my garden whether I like it or not, I may as well use them.

McNugget or "Big Mac" is all grown up.
I have some work to do with the animals. We have too many roosters and one billy goat that is too big for his britches. I will spare you all of the gory details but it might be time for a BBQ.

Somehow in the midst of all this I will manage to finish that hexagon baby quilt and take some photos of the embroidery project.
Thanks so much for reading!
I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.


  1. What a result! Gorgeous looking fabric. We have a viburnum out at the moment with that gorgeous scent too, just like you I forget it every year and then suddenly it's such a beautiful part of Spring, and we love to bring it into the house too!

  2. What a fantastic fabric score - I totally share your joy at having the right things turn up at the right time:-)

  3. Yahoo, you hit the jack pot there, lovely retro fabric! Great newsy post!

  4. love love love the fabrics- so bright and cheery. isn't if funny how if you wait long enough, fashion comes around again? thanks for stopping by my blog!



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