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Wednesday 21 May 2014

Summer Fun

The theme for right now is "work hard, party hard".

I have been working like mad and putting in the garden, still getting fresh milk in the morning and patiently waiting for the discovery of our first chicken egg (probably in the next week or two!!)

The weather has been sunny and delicious and David and I have been hitting the beach.

In our rural community there are several roadside stands. This one is our favorite - the cookie stand!

A real perk to living on an island is having friends with boats.

We scooted out into the bay for a swim and David was so excited.

The Arbutus trees are flowering right now and they are putting on a beautiful display. These trees are very special to me. They only grow near the sea, and they have a special smooth and papery bark. They are usually great for climbing and after they flower they produce lovely little berries that can be made into jewelry. The native people thought these trees to be sacred. 

I still remember the moment when I moved out to the coast and these majestic trees greeted me at the shore, as if to say, "Welcome Home."

I look at these next photos and I think, "Dear David, sorry about your bangs. Love, Mom"
Good thing he doesn't care what they look like.

Here is David playing on the dock and eating some junkies after a long day in the sun.

Something about this picture strikes me as hilarious.
I dug out my old wet suits from my surfing girl days and some friends and I went snorkeling. The dudes were spear fishing and we had a big fish for dinner on the beach.

Cloudy sunset
As if that wasn't enough fun and socializing, for breakfast there was a sourdough waffle party. Needless to say all of my crafts are getting neglected! However I do have some photos of the garden to share. Every year I think I'm going to scale down the garden, plant fewer beds and less plants, and every year I get carried away in the Spring and the garden gets bigger.

C'est la vie. Should be some good eating this summer.

Wishing you all a blessed day.
May you have just what you need in this moment!


  1. Wow, it must be summer there, we're still in spring time, but its been very lovely outside and I've been gardening!! Love the cute photos of your David. Lol, Carli

  2. Beautiful photos, looks a perfect place to be enjoying that weather.



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