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Sunday 4 May 2014

Feast or Famine

Over the last few weeks I have done some fun stash building.

First there was the mother load of fabric from Judy's cedar chest, and then I got a sweet package in the mail from Carli at Good Earth QuiltingCarli introduced me to the tern "blended quilts" - quilts made up of both new and repurposed materials. I like the idea of blending new and recycled fabric to create something that is both beautiful and also exhibits the heart and purpose of traditional quilt making.

She sent me this beautiful fat quarter bundle of organic cotton prints. They are so lovely and I can't wait to work with them! Thank you so much Carli! 

Some I-Spy bits and pieces
I also went shopping this weekend, which is a big deal. Because I live on a remote island I only go shopping once every month or two, and it is an all day affair full of errands, driving, riding the ferry, and hauling our stuff from place to place. The ferry is "passenger only", so we have to haul all of our stuff on and off along with all of the other passengers. It can get totally crazy with everybody's boxes of groceries, building supplies, laundry bags, plants and animals, you name it.

My sign for the drill that I left on the ferry.
A couple hours after I got home, after everything was unpacked, I was super bummed out to realize that I had left my BRAND NEW DRILL on the ferry, with a huge box of screws. A well-meaning friend loaded it on to the ferry and forgot to tell me. It wasn't with the rest of my stuff and it got covered up by some other cargo and I stupidly went home without it. When I went back to get it, it was gone. Ouch.

Citrus blossoms on the marmalade tree.
What can I do but let it go. Not that I didn't kick myself for a while, but it does put things into perspective. In truth I have so much, and I only lost a mere tool that can be replaced. Thank goodness for the health and abundance in our lives, and if somebody out there yoinked my drill then that is poor karma for that person.

So there.

Besides, when I consider the value of all the great stuff that I have brought home from the Free Store, I am super lucky! Check out this beautiful print that I found today. About 3 yards of little wagons and wishing wells. Pink with grey is so sweet.

And check this sweet quilt made with Moda's 30's Playtime fabric. It is showcased on a Craftsy course called "Quilting Quickly". Yeah! Just my style! I bought a couple of charm packs of this line and now I have some pre cuts in my stash for when I feel like zipping something together like this.

That is, after I transplant about a gazillion veggie starts.

The roosters are all so cool. How to decide which guy shall rule the roost?

I finally started practicing yoga again post-pneumonia. I painfully damaged my intercostal muscles and at one point I was sure I had broken a rib from coughing. I barely even touched my toes for the last 2 months and it was hard for me to start up again.

I'm workin' on it.

Sour Pie Cherry trees in flower
Wishing you a glad heart and a grateful spirit.
May the Fourth be with you!


  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your drill, very frustrating. You never know, someone might hand it in somewhere, it might find its way back to you, here's hoping. And I know my priorities would have been with the fabric too! Some lovely finds, and those organic cottons look gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them, 'blending' is something I sometimes find difficult to manage well. You look like you've slipped back into the yoga effortlessly in the photos and I'm more and more intrigued by where you live. Is it a large island? Very remote? And is there much of a population on there? In any kind of community or just dotted around? I'm guessing you don't have a whole lot of services there so pneumonia must have been a slightly scary experience?

  2. Remoteness is usually kept best a secret online, so sad to hear of your drill loss, money that hopefully someone really needed? Maybe they will post a note in the local cafe and you'll see that someone does have it indeed. Wow, girl, you got some mighty good Karma heh, fun times with all your new fabric finds in the sewing adventures with all this new stuff.
    Emily, thanks so much for really getting the 'blended fabric' idea with reuse and new! Few seem to have a grasp of that yet, so good on you. Maybe I just think 'young' who knows, but I'm really grooving on the wedding quilt. I'll post about it soon. Yoga,,,,, uhm, I think I might break something if I tried that stand on your head move, besides I did that many years ago and it didn't stick with me.
    Besides, my clean up on the strawberry plants are taking up 50% of my day today. lol, Carli



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