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Wednesday 26 February 2014

David's Robot Quilt

I am so thrilled that I finished the fleece brick quilt I made for my son.

It measures about 52" x 48" and is made of 5" x 10" blocks.

Honestly, this was not my favorite project. But then, I'm not a little boy.

All of the pieces are fleece except for the robot print, which is flannel, and those turqoise green squares - which, call me crazy, are knits. I just had to use them because the color matched the robots.

My favorite thing about this quilt is the border. It was made of fabric scraps that I pieced together and I think it really livened up the blanket.

Those polka dots look especially cute next to the robot print.

I sewed the border on with a machine, and then folded it over, ironed again, pinned, and hand stitched it to the back of the quilt.

For some reason I thought this would take forever, but it was really quick! And hand sewing is so meditative and wonderful. I especially got a kick out of hand stitching next to the robots.

Three out of four corners turned out near perfect. By a total coincidence I made the border the exact length of the outside of the quilt and I didn't even have to cut it - I was worried that I wouldn't have enough or that I'd end up a few inches short, but I had just enough room to fold up the end of the border and finish.

That is some quilting magic.

This quilt top sat around for months because I ran out of red squares and I didn't know what to do with it. I added a row to the top and bottom with some blue bricks that look a bit random, but it is for my little boy and he loves it. 

Actually, he is a total blanket hog, truth be told.

The lil stinker!

At least he is a sweet heart with the animals.

Our girls are all looking big and pregnant. Two in particular have big, full udders. That means that babies aren't far away!!

I'm so excited that I keep forgetting about my own pregnancy. David was born two weeks late and during those two weeks, I didn't even want anyone to mention that I was pregnant. Waiting was so hard. There is no controlling birth, no matter how we try.

I'm glad that there are still some mysteries in life.

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