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Sunday 16 February 2014

Small People Sew-Along

My small person.

In trying to get connected with the online craft community I have dipped my toe into the vast pool of collective projects that are available on other blogs and websites.

I am participating in Struggle Sews A Straight Seam's Sew-A-Long for Small People and I'm planning on sewing up a sock monkey, and also a teddy bear kind of like the one in the photo. If I'm really ambitious I might knit up a hat for my little guy, too.

There are some great patterns and links over at Leah's blog. We have until May to finish up so there is lots of time to scheme and sew.

Some of my favorite things I've made for my own small person are...

This little crocheted vest

Crocheted fuzzy booties with leather soles.

David was really into zebras at the time and he loved this shirt! The patch is from an old sweater and I needle-felted the zebra. I made a few more like this for some friends' babies.

David is modelling the little owl.
See the cloth diaper sun-drying in the background? Those were the days...

And a little mobile that I made while teaching a Needle Felting workshop. The ring at the top is an embroidery hoop wrapped with yarn. This was super easy to make and is a great first project for beginners to needle felting.

Right now in my world there are 3 week old chicks running around the house. David has the hiccups. My four goats are pregnant and are due in the next few weeks.

This photo was taken a few days ago. Tonight the poor goats are all huddling together under cover and it is pouring rain and windy. Here's hoping for smooth birthing and healthy kids!

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  1. Emily, I always loved that zebra onsie but had no idea you had created the zebra. I love it even more!



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