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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday

David loves his fleece quilt. He calls it his "Robot Bankie". I wasn't thrilled with this project when I finished the top, but after I quilted it I liked it a little more. The texture of a quilted blanket is just so nice.

I didn't use batting for this blankie because it is made of fleece. It is plenty warm and is just the right size for a little boy. Another roadblock with this quilt was the border. I just couldn't decide what fabric to use. Somehow it hit me - make a scrappy border! That way I can brighten it up a little bit and throw in some reds and more robots.

My wad of scrap strips is turning into a pressed border and I'm so excited to put it on because then this quilt will be FINISHED! Hooray!

I'm still trucking away on the Sister's Ten blocks. I made a mistake on one of the February Blocks (Susannah's) but I'm going to leave it and pretend like I did it like that on purpose. Just because I can.

The chickens were getting too big for their brooder so we moved the coop to it's new home in the cherry orchard. I'm so grateful to my sweet friend Jennifer who gave me this coop. It has a tile floor inside and the blue color is called "Dream I Can Fly" by Benjamin Moore.

The birds are still spending the night inside for the next few days as they continue to feather out and adjust to colder temperatures.

There are doors on either side and in the front (pictured) for easy access to all that lovely chicken manure that will feed the garden! The rhubarb and onion patch will be so happy!

Did you know that goats have rectangular pupils?

I was curious about this so I researched it and discovered that goats have a panoramic view of up to 340 degrees! No wonder I can never sneak up on them.

My three little silkies are allowed to stay inside. They have each other for company and I think they could use a bit more time in the indoor warmth. Plus they can't fly so they aren't escaping and running around pooping everywhere. BONUS.

Phyllis Diller, anyone?

Hope you are all having a great week.


  1. Emily, so cool that you found me, thanks so much for following me! Your lovely post reminds me of our start out 20 yrs ago, now our monkey's are 28 & 26 and are men! We are hoping to relocate to V.I. this year! email me carli the quilter at gmail dot com

  2. Lovely brick style quilt, well done!

    1. Thanks so much Caroline! Do boys ever stop being monkies? Haha ;)



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