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Monday 17 February 2014

Quilt Top is Done!

I finally finished this massive quilt top!
It was great to be able to lay out the quilt along the piano so that the weight of the fabric was not pulling on the seam lines as I was sewing.

I brought it outside and stood on the compost box so that I could hold it up. It was a bit dodgy taking this precious piece of work outside past the mud puddles and over the compost heap! Obviously I have not been outside to organize my potted plants in a while!

I am calling this quilt The Forest Queen.

It is made from some beautiful batik fabric that my mom gave me for Christmas. While this pattern was coming together, I thought of sunlight coming through the forest, with all of those yellows and deep greens and browns.

There are even leaves and little twiggy patterns on some of the fabric.

This quilt seems so huge, the pattern says that the finished quilt measures 78" by 96". I hope this means that it will be large enough to drape nicely over a queen sized bed.

I have more photos of what I've been working on and will save them for another post.

Stay tuned!

For now, please enjoy some other views from the homestead.




...and a bit of blue sky behind the Hawthorne tree.

We are blazing through February.
Bring it on, Spring.

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