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Monday 24 February 2014

Winter's Last Gasp

Hello from the snowdrifts on our little island in Canada.

We've been hunkering down, drinking hot bevvies, and I've been sewing away and reading books.

I'm working on my "teddy bear" for the Sewing For Small People Sew-Along.

Atleast, it was supposed to be a teddy bear. I started cutting out the pattern and I realized that bears do not have big feet and floppy ears.

Teddy Bear is going to be a Bunny Rabbit!

 Maybe Bunny can have a Bear friend in the future? I don't mind making a rabbit and I'm glad for the practice making something 3 Dimensional. I added some pieces of cashmere to the feet, belly, and ears. Bunny is almost ready to be stuffed with fiberfill and stitched together.

I skipped ahead and completed the two "Schoolgirl's Puzzle" blocks for March for the Sisters Ten Block of the Month.

They still need to be ironed.

I finally made up some oven mitts for Marti. She wanted them in green, to match her kitchen. She ordered them back at the Christmas Craft Fair and I took so long getting them to her that I made up some scrappy nine-patch potholders as a thank-you to her for being so patient.

Marti is a quilter herself and does all of her work by hand. She mostly makes baby quilts and you can find her at the Saturday market along with vegetables and flowers from her garden.

Love those pink gladiolas! I sure am looking forward to summer and a spread of fresh veggies.

For now, it is peaceful to watch the snow.

The above photo of our house was taken yesterday, as the snow was floating down from the sky.

Today has seen another few inches on the ground and it has been steadily falling all morning.

I am hereby asking all goat babies to please stay put until the snow melts!

Stay warm and stay tuned for some finished projects.

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